Perfex CRM and all it’s modules

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Perfex CRM
Perfex CRM and all it’s modules

So as a business we have been using the Perfex CRM system for many years now (www.perfexcrm.com), over the years...

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Exporting & Importing WooCommerce Orders

All us developers find ourselves in a situation where we are required to move over customer orders from one WooCommerce...

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Content Management Systems
Why is having a CMS so important?

Having a website that has a good CMS (content management system) system is very important. Lets begin by explaining what...

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Terms and Conditions

1. General Terms 1.1. Our website (www.markupdesign.co.uk) is operated and owned by Markup Design Ltd. Markup Design Ltd is the...

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Bury St Edmunds Web Design
AD Marketing

AD Marketing - provides trusted data for your marketing needs. After moving their website over to our hosting packages, AD...

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