Creating the perfect custom booking system

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Creating the perfect custom booking system

We know how frustrating it must be when you’re using an online booking system that is not custom-built for your business. When you begin using it at first it might be okay but soon down the line your business may have some bespoke requirements, for example, you require to add additional costs for extra people or discount for an additional event.

At Markup Design we have built many bespoke booking systems for a wide range of industries some examples:

  • Ticket systems for cinemas, festivals, conferences, schools and more
  • Booking systems for hotels, activities, swimming pools and more

All the above systems where bespoke created to the exact requirements of our customers. Each customer had features which were unique to their business, their accounting system and generally familiar to their staff members.

Here are some special features that some of our customers have wanted over the years:

  • Event booking with different payment amounts for additional users
  • Options provide discounts to events when purchased with a product
  • Ticket limitations to events such as limited available per week and limitations for users who can only purchase event once per month
  • Booking calendar which not only contained events but products and services

If you would like to know more on this or see how we are able to help you, please send us an email to info@markupdesign.co.uk or visit our contact page.

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