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We have been working with iSpy Group since last year managing their website and social media accounts.

iSpy Group are leading experts in providing coffee machines, water machines and vending machines all across the UK. With 20 years of experience, they have become leaders in the industry.

Website speed was a priority when we first took over, cleaning up the website and enhancing user experience. As time went by we started developing new features into the website, such as a live chat so the team can better communicate with their clients.

We also manage all their social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, posting on a regular basis and keeping their customers up to date with the latest products and offers.

And most recently we have developed a new support dashboard allowing existing clients, to open support tickets to report faults or book services allowing iSpy Group to provide even better customer service.


  • Client iSpy Group
  • Project Date October 2020 - On going
  • Location Southend
  • Visit Website www.ispygroup.co.uk
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