Say hello to WordPress 5.0

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WordPress 5.0
Say hello to WordPress 5.0

On the 6th December 2018, WordPress released their next generation upgrade, WordPress 5.0. tagged “Bebo”.

This generation of the WordPress update is concentrated around changing the way content is edited with their all new text editor which comes in a block editor style. The new blocks that become available to you include: paragraph, heading, performed, image, gallery, cover, video, audio and much more.

The block system will give the user more freedom and flexibility when it comes to styling their WordPress pages. The user is able to move around the blocks as easy as “drag and drop” to position the content where ever they like.

Here is a video WordPress released to showcase this release:

We at Markup Design use the latestest version of WordPress to develop all our websites so all these new features will be available to you. But if you have used WordPress in the past and prefer to stick with the familiar Classic Editor thats no problem! WordPress have developed a plugin which allows you to use the Classic Editor in all their latest versions.


If you would like to know more on this or see how we are able to help you, please send us an email to info@markupdesign.co.uk or visit our contact page.

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